James Lesley Harkins
James Lesley Harkins

The Harkins Community Memorial Fund’s Mission is to “Help allocate resources with kindness and identifying the need for supporting families in crisis.”

The Harkins Community Memorial Foundation was established in 2004 by Marva Brown, grandmother of James Lesley Harkins. James lost his life in a tragic drowning. Being the giving and caring person that Marva is, she established a fund to support families and assist with funeral costs in a time of crisis.

The foundation has grown in its mission providing a celebration of Youth in the Rockford Area and their service to the community.

To date, the fund has provided financial assistance to the families of over 50 children; provided encouragement through the annual youth awards for numerous youth in the Rockford Area, and has supported countless others in their time of need.

Harkins Memorial Foundation Officers and Board Members

Board President Marva Brown & 2010 Outstanding Youth Nominee Steven Thomas
Board President Marva Brown & 2010 Outstanding Youth Nominee Steven Thomas

Marva L. Brown, President

April Adams, Vice President

James Ponds, Treasurer

Su Gilbert, Secretary

Martesha Brown, Communications/Public Relations Chair


Gerald Bell, Treva L. Brown,  Alberta Jones, Dawn Brown, Shirley Nelson, Jay Sandine, Brazz Scott, Margaret Downing, Reni Mitchell, Nanette Lazz, Brent Pentenburg, Jamesia Cavitt, Diamond Verner

In memorium–Lewis Craig & Brazz Scott (Board Members)